Three Easy Ways to Have a Post Valentine’s Day Celebration

vdayWeren’t you able to celebrate Valentine’s Day on time? Don’t fret because there are millions of people around the world who share the same experience. You can still celebrate your love for your special someone, friends and  family days or weeks after Valentine’s Day. After all, you don’t have to wait for special occasions like this just to remember love all year round.

Enjoy good food during couch time.  Are you always busy with work? Is couch time the only opportunity you can spend time with your partner before going to sleep? Make it special by preparing some pizza and champagne to go with your end of the day talk. You will be surprised that you don’t actually have to  be in an expensive restaurant just to enjoy a heart-warming meal.

Go on a picnic on weekends. Picnics  are dependent on the weather often times so make sure to check the weather forecast before you leave home. To make the preparation easy, choose summer food items  which are transportable and won’t spoil quickly. Consider olives, cheese, crackers, dips and fresh veggies, or if you want to keep it super simple, fish and chips saves on dishes. Go to a beach or a park you’ve never been too for your picnic.

Schedule a dinner date  at home. Do you want to spend a good time with your family and friends? Host a dinner date at your house. Even if you’re hosting this special event, you need not cook and prepare all the food for everybody. You and your guests can take turns in cooking. This will make your dinner date more enjoyable and memorable.



Best Alternative Gifts to Flowers on Valentine’s Day

Flowers make great gifts on Valentine’s. However, not all people enjoy them. In fact, most recipients of flower arrangements see them as a waste of money. Flowers cost a lot and yet they just wilt after a few days. Are you looking for alternative gifts to flowers this season of love? Check out the following items and choose the right match for your budget and preferences.

1) Chocolates – Who doesn’t like chocolates? Most men and women enjoy eating chocolates or the feeling of receiving a whole box of them specifically on a special day. If the person you have in mind doesn’t like the texture of chocolates, give him or her a box of candies instead. Think of another gift option if he or she happens to be a diabetic.

heart shaped chocolate

2) Hallmark card – Some people value words more than gifts. Express how you feel in a hallmark greeting card. If you’re aren’t good with words, just choose a card with a message that best describes your feelings.

3) Framed photographs – Are you fond of making memories with your loved one? Snap a photo of one of these memories. Insert the photo in a stylish frame and hand it as a Valentine’s gift.

4) Jewelry – Jewelry gifts need not be expensive. Some jewelry shops offer Sterling lines of bracelets, necklaces and rings at affordable prices. Just take the time to think what piece of jewelry your loved one will like as a gift.

5) Stuffed animals – Teddy bears that whisper ‘I love you’ never fail to melt the heart of female recipients especially on Heart’s Day. Other stuffed animals have sweet words embroidered or 30-second message recorders embedded in their bellies.  Take your pick.

6) Fruits – Chocolate or sugar coated fruits is a variant for chocolates or candies. These fruits aren’t only sweet to eat. They also come with health benefits.