Must-Have Components for Email Invitations

The best way to promote your event and invite guests is through email. Event emails are not difficult to create. Here’s a short guideline for creating one.

Subject line – If you’re able to get the email recipients to open your email and read it, there’s a bigger chance for you to persuade them to attend your event. Create an engaging and interesting subject line that will pull your readers in. It should tell the reader what to expect. It should also have a sense of urgency that propels the reader to act.

Logo or company name – A logo and company name reminds the recipient about the sender of the email invitation. A variation of this is a masthead which also works well.

Purpose of the event – Tell people what your event is all about and what is in store for them if they come.  Give a glimpse of your event or of your venue especially if it’s a stellar one.

Event details – Provide the date, time, place and other necessary information in your email. Include the full address of the venue, parking information and conditions, etc.

Call to Action – Tell your email recipients what to do. In connection to this provide a button or a link which will direct them to a sign up form, your site, a landing page, or a Facebook events page with more details.

Picture – Your invitation should include an image that represents the event. If your event is tied to a specific person, include his or her picture (including yourself!). This will help attendees recognize him, her, or you immediately. If you’re hosting a grand opening, include a picture of your new building.



Best Ways to Shoot Great Photos at Events

Taking photos at parties, or any social event for that matter, can be trick. But with the right techniques in mind, you can come with wonderful photos everybody will love.


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Know what you are going to shoot before shoot it. Before you even leave the house, visualize what shots you want to take. Seems like overkill, but if you only get a few seconds chance to capture a bride walking down the aisle or a few one hundredths of a second to catch a speeding bobsled on the track, so you have to make your shots count.

Capture the story of the event. Every event has a beginning, middle, and end. Try to capture the entire story of the event. Take pictures of the empty venue and snap shots as people arrive. Show the full scale of the event. During the main event, set your camera to burst mode and shoot as many shots as you can. Bring a lot amount of memory cards. Never let space dictate how many shots you should take.

Use props. This is always fun. People seem to love this and it often brings the party together. In my experience, props can be anything from a hat, funky glasses or a fake mustache.

Be ready for candid shots. Candid shots in social events are tricky to capture because bringing a camera into a scene automatically changes peoples’ behaviors and how they conduct themselves. So, it becomes hard to get good, honest, candid moments. This is especially true in environments where people are aware that there’s someone taking photos.

How to Build Your Brand on a Shoestring Budget

Building a strong brand, especially with a shoestring budget, can be difficult for even the most seasoned entrepreneur. However, the capabilities with which small business owners can craft a consistent and easily-recognizable brand have only multiplied with the advent of social media and other networking and marketing methods.


Invest on web presence. No matter the size of your business or what you do, no company can afford not to have an active and visible presence online. Since the cost of developing and maintaining a website is so low, you simply must have one to serve as the face of your business. The vast majority of your customers and clients will turn to your website to find out more about you, before they make any other contact with your company. For this reason it is vital that you make a strong first impression with your website.

Utilize social media. Now more than ever people are turning to the Internet to find solutions. If you can be where those customers are looking, you will increase both awareness and sales. However, the number of social media vehicles seems to be multiplying daily. As a result, it may take some trial and error or the advice of an expert to find which social media vehicles your customers are using most. This way you can target your messages specifically to those customers.

Be consistent. One of the oldest tenets of brand building is creating a brand that is consistent across both the messages you send to customers as well as the mediums through which you send them. The primary reason for this is awareness and recognize-ability. If someone receives a direct mail card from your company, they are much less likely to trash it if it looks like it comes from a reputable source, or a source they recognize. Keeping exposure to your brand consistent will make it more easily recognizable and will help avoid confusion.

Give value. A great way to get buy-in from your customers is to actively provide value to them, not only through the products and services you provide, but through every interaction with your organization. Consider giving away free samples, or providing customers with free informational materials. Although it may seem silly to give something away for free, you can bet that it will pay off in the long run. It has been well-studied that giving something to someone makes them want to give something in return.

How to Use Balloons to Promote Your Company Event

Printed balloons these days are no longer limited to the celebration of birthdays for children in kiddie parties. Businesses opt for their use in order to create awareness about a new product or service they will be offering their market. Product launches, conferences, groundbreaking ceremonies, public concerts, trade shows and advocacy events are among the other happenings that make use of these inflatables.

When it comes to using them as advertising tools, your company logo, name, slogan or contact details must be creatively printed across to attract attention. As these balloons may be attached in odd places which may be too far or too high, their prints must be visible enough to be seen and read even from a distance. Choosing ones that are made of latex materials can give your balloon prints a polished look. This makes them more enticing to stare at.coke

Most companies choose to have their logos flashed on printed balloons for so many reasons. As these promotional items can be carried to different venues to serve different purposes, business logos get increased visibility in the eyes of prospect clients. Also, people of all ages enjoy bringing home one after an event has expired. Herewith, the brand promoted in the balloons remain fresh in the memories of their keepers as long as they are inflated.

Creating an artwork using balloons to decorate indoor and outdoor spaces can arouse greater interest about your brand. With this project, go for those that are vibrant in color and noticeable in shape and size. Choosing to give them away once they have served their purpose can get the ball rolling for your marketing campaign instead of allowing them to deflate where they were previously set up.

Balloons can really make your sales message fly away to different places. They can serve as perfect giveaways in different company events and family and social gatherings. Do not be afraid of getting them customized to carry your company’s signature color, emblem and contact details. Their customization cost is definitely as lightweight as their mass. In fact, they are one of the cheapest promotional products any business can take advantage of. Look for service providers with in your area that will be willing to manufacture even in few quantities and with the print design that will work for your advertising needs. Also, research for those who can give discounts for bulk orders.

Custom Poster Printing – Promoting an Upcoming Event

Whenever there is an upcoming event – a conference, a benefit concert, a three day sale or a store opening – organizers work hard to have it advertised. If you have events to promote, you can resort to custom poster printing to reach out to your local audience. However, there are important details which must be noted here.

This must start with a detailed plan. By detailed, it means that you have to list the purpose, content, design and the production process of your posters. All the steps you will take depend on this plan. If you are a newbie in these matters, it is ideal that you seek help from the experts. They can also advise you about the design that will suit your content. This is very important because your event’s recognition is at stake here. For every reader’s quick understanding use direct and simple words in your posters.

Use of quality materials is crucial in the production of promotional ads like this. By utilizing the right kind of paper and ink, you will have professional print ads that can speak of your brand under all types of weather. There is a big chance that they will be placed outdoors and so the message impressed on them must be around for a long time. In connection to their placement outdoors, you might want to consider having holes on its edges. You can also have a fold at its top and bottom to allow a support rod inside. If your poster is to be placed against the wall, you can root for built-in adhesives.

As you create the file for this marketing tool, be sure to make duplicate copies before you send off the template to your chosen company for custom poster printing. Your computer settings may be different from that of the printing company. To ensure compatibility, you might want to save your file in other versions. Request for a test print before you give the final printing a go so that you could avoid mistakes and waste of you money and time.

photo credit to etsystatic dot com

photo credit to etsystatic dot com

Things To Consider When Buying A New Camera

Are you looking into buying a new camera for an upcoming event that you will cover? If you already have the money, don’t rush to the  nearest shop just yet. Read first these insights that can help you purchase the best camera for your photo snapping needs.

1) Check on the multiple interchangeable lenses whether they could fit on the new models. This can allow you to save a lot of money. There are some brands though which do not permit the use of these lenses in their product line especially if it is manufactured by another company. This is why sometimes it is best to buy a digital SLR that belongs to the same brand as your first-owned camera.


2) Check on the resolution in megapixels. This comes in handy when saving digital photo files in your computer. Megapixels between six to eight would do well for a regular use. Should you want your images enlarged, such megapixels can produce quality ones up to 11 X 14. Higher resolution capability will allow you to have clearer and sharper photos.

3) Do you use fill flash when shooting outdoors? If yes, it is wise for you to look for cameras that feature very fast flash sync. A speed of 1/500 second will be best. Take note, speed below 1/250 second will do you good only for indoor shots. Moreover, you need to keenly observe how easy your image control would be when using your prospect equipment. In here, check the LCD screen for brightness and visibility both indoors and outdoors. Does it give you a hard time when shooting outside? Additionally, ensure that the viewfinder itself gives you a bright, clear image under all types of lighting. This is important for the easy manipulation of the camera settings at all times.

4) When it comes to producing clear close-up shots, a reliable mirror lockup feature is essential. This lets you lock the mirror up out of the way before taking the photo. It also lessens the camera shake that is indispensable when the mirror flips up out of the way and then lands back into position again. This explains the presence of blurry and unfocused images that are shot in close distance.

5) Finally, do consider the size and weight of the camera. Is it comfortable to be worn wherever your shooting takes you? As to the size, see whether the camera body holds controls that are easy to manipulate. Can your fingers maneuver the knobs without difficulty? For one, photographers with large fingers often have troubles with small-sized digital SLRs.

4 Ways to Choose the Right Lights for Your Outdoor Event

An outdoor event will never be successful if it lacks proper lightning. Lighting can set the mood of your event and promote safety and security of all your guests. In order to choose the right outdoor lights, you must analyze your event needs and understand your options.  Ask yourself the following questions before you buy or rent light for your outdoor event.

Where do I need to install the lights?

Since your event is outdoor, decide where exactly you need the lights installed. Do you need to light the whole venue or just the area where the buffet table is positioned? If you want to prioritize safety, it is best that moderate lights be installed in the pathways. Well-lighted pathways and traffic areas  can keep people from tripping. As for the bright lights, you can have them installed in the main area or the stage of your event.

Are electrical outlets available in my outdoor venue?

Create  a sketch of your venue and mark where the electrical outlets can be found. Obviously, your outdoor lights won’t work if they aren’t plug to a stable power source. Power or extension cords can be used if electrical outlets are quite far from the exact spot where your lights should be. Be careful not to overload them though.

How much light do I need?

Do you need dozens of lights to make the venue very bright? An evening event will definitely require more lights than a morning event. If you aren’t sure how much light you’ll need, it is best to hire more lights than to hire just enough lights. You will never know when you’re going to need extra lights.

What mood do you need to achieve for your event?

Lights come in different colors and brightness level. In fact, they also come in different shape s and sizes. Select lights that can create the appropriate mood for your event. Consult a designer if you’re in doubt of your light choices.

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