Things to Do When Invited to a Dinner

It is not everyday that you can be invited to a dinner by someone you just me or you’re close with. Thus, you must make the effort to make it enjoyable and memorable to you and the  host of the dinner. Here are some things you should not forget to practice when attending dinners.

1) Never be late. Some people refrain from arriving on time to dinners because they don’t want to appear overly excited about the food. Needless to say, it is not polite to arrive late. Most hosts serve food hot and on time. If you arrive late, the served food will turn cold. Moreover, there could be a delay with the meals and this is somewhat annoying to other guests.


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Five Top Tips for Attending High Profile Parties

High profile parties are usually conducted in the evening. They are hosted by nobilities or members of the upper class in certain places for many reasons. To the nobilities, these parties are their means of communicating to the public a special announcement or enriching relations with foreign government officials. To the rich and big time entrepreneurs, these parties enable them to widen their networks and engage in more business opportunities.

Have you been invited to attend a high profile party? Are you thinking of not attending because you might get into embarrassing situations while in the party? Here are five tips that can help you enjoy the party without caring much about making mistakes.

1) Respond to the invitation immediately. Read the details in the invitation card before you reply.  Check the date of the party against your schedule. Inform the contact person on the card whether you can or cannot come. If you cannot make it to the party, don’t forget to thank the party host for inviting you. Try your best to reply to the invitation on or before the deadline.

RSVP card

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Practicing Basic Courtesy

Preparing for a party can be pretty exhausting. You know, researching and talking to suppliers, paying them, making sure everything that you set to happen will be followed to a T… then…

Your visitors start leaving in the middle of the party.

Not a beautiful sight ins’t it?

If you have to leave for whatever reason, please practice basic courtesy and inform the host about it. It doesn’t take much of an effort to say that you need to leave and the reason for it (if you are comfortable to share it). They invited your presence because they regard you as one important person in their lives, so do yourself a favor and respect their event, let them know if you need to go.

You can even connect with them after the event and tell them what you like most about it, they will appreciate your comment because that will give them immediate feedback on the suppliers that they have chosen to pull that event off. That can also help them decide which ones to keep for future events or call to clarify issues that need explanation.