How to Build Your Brand on a Shoestring Budget

Building a strong brand, especially with a shoestring budget, can be difficult for even the most seasoned entrepreneur. However, the capabilities with which small business owners can craft a consistent and easily-recognizable brand have only multiplied with the advent of social media and other networking and marketing methods.


Invest on web presence. No matter the size of your business or what you do, no company can afford not to have an active and visible presence online. Since the cost of developing and maintaining a website is so low, you simply must have one to serve as the face of your business. The vast majority of your customers and clients will turn to your website to find out more about you, before they make any other contact with your company. For this reason it is vital that you make a strong first impression with your website.

Utilize social media. Now more than ever people are turning to the Internet to find solutions. If you can be where those customers are looking, you will increase both awareness and sales. However, the number of social media vehicles seems to be multiplying daily. As a result, it may take some trial and error or the advice of an expert to find which social media vehicles your customers are using most. This way you can target your messages specifically to those customers.

Be consistent. One of the oldest tenets of brand building is creating a brand that is consistent across both the messages you send to customers as well as the mediums through which you send them. The primary reason for this is awareness and recognize-ability. If someone receives a direct mail card from your company, they are much less likely to trash it if it looks like it comes from a reputable source, or a source they recognize. Keeping exposure to your brand consistent will make it more easily recognizable and will help avoid confusion.

Give value. A great way to get buy-in from your customers is to actively provide value to them, not only through the products and services you provide, but through every interaction with your organization. Consider giving away free samples, or providing customers with free informational materials. Although it may seem silly to give something away for free, you can bet that it will pay off in the long run. It has been well-studied that giving something to someone makes them want to give something in return.


Quick Tips on Saving on Your Wedding Budget

Are you planning to get married anytime soon but you don’t have a big budget? Don’t fret. You can still have the wedding of your dreams without spending a fortune. Here are some tips that will allow you to do so.

Craft your own decorations – Decorations can be very expensive especially if they are made by famous artist. Grab a wedding magazine and look for decorations that will suit your wedding theme. Research about their materials and how they can be created from scratch. Check out YouTube channels that provide step by step tutorials on creating wedding decorations from bows to veils. You can save hundreds if not thousands of dollars on these. The video below could be helpful. Watch it.

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How To Save On Food Costs For Your Next Event

Keeping your guests entertained well is one of the best ways to keep them in your event. Aside from running party games and playing great music, offering delicious food is a must for every party, especially if this is an intimate one, among your family and closest friends.

Here are some suggestions on how you can save on food costs for your next event:

Set a budget. Yes, it might be the simplest tip but it is a must if you want to guard your spending when it comes to throwing a party. Make sure to save enough cash for this, or you will be tempted to use your credit card or borrow money which is not good if you are faithfully tracking your budget.

Decide the type of food to offer based on the theme of your party. Are you throwing in a wine and cheese party? Then prepare different types of wine and cheese pairings. If you are to throw a barbeque party then meat should be the priority.

Plan your menu at least a month before the event. This allows you to make some adjustments on what to prepare, especially for your guests who might have specific dietary restrictions.

Finally, clip and use coupons to save on groceries. Yes, coupons still work, you just have to find ones that are on the list of items that you need and ask your family to help clip them. Place those on a binder and make sure to bring this when you shop. Now you can use the rest of the budget for other party essentials.

Smart Tips When Planning For A Family Gathering

Invite guests early, and impose RSVP.

Invite your guests at least two weeks in advance. Encourage your invitees to confirm whether or not they’re attending. Write RSVP and your number on the invitation.
Having a guest list and a confirmation on their attendance will help you predetermine all the other stuff, such as the amount of food and drinks you need to order, the number of seats you need, the type of entertainment you’ll provide, the date and time of the party, etcetera, etcetera. It’s one of the most important party planning tips.

Serve great food and a bounty of drinks.

Even if Katy Perry or Bruno Mars don’t agree to attend your birthday party, having great food and a bounty of drinks almost assures you that your party is at least 80 per cent successful. In most gatherings, guests tend to remember how good or disappointing the food is. If they love the food, they’ll flood you with incantations and ask who cooked it or where you ordered it from. You’ll know your guests love what you’ve served if you have to keep refilling the platters every 15 minutes or so. Keep your guests stuffed, and they’re happy. Make them happy, and your party’s a success.

Consider your floor area.

Do you really have enough space in your studio apartment to accommodate 50 people? Do you have enough chairs or standing room at least? You have to consider whether or not all of your guests will fit comfortably in your house. Otherwise, you give them the prerogative to leave the moment they realize that there’s just no way they can force their way into that mob. If you don’t have enough space, better not have the party at home. Rent out  a venue or hold it at someone else’s place instead.