Must-Have Components for Email Invitations

The best way to promote your event and invite guests is through email. Event emails are not difficult to create. Here’s a short guideline for creating one.

Subject line. If you’re able to get the email recipients to open your email and read it, there’s a bigger chance for you to persuade them to attend your event. Create an engaging and interesting subject line that will pull your readers in. It should tell the reader what to expect. It should also have a sense of urgency that propels the reader to act.

Logo or company name. A logo and company name reminds the recipient about the sender of the email invitation. A variation of this is a masthead which also works well.

Purpose of the event. Tell people what your event is all about and what is in store for them if they come.  Give a glimpse of your event or of your venue especially if it’s a stellar one.

Event details. Provide the date, time, place and other necessary information in your email. Include the full address of the venue, parking information and conditions, etc.

Call to Action. Tell your email recipients what to do. In connection to this provide a button or a link which will direct them to a sign up form, your site, a landing page, or a Facebook events page with more details.

Picture. Your invitation should include an image that represents the event. If your event is tied to a specific person, include his or her picture (including yourself!). This will help attendees recognize him, her, or you immediately. If you’re hosting a grand opening, include a picture of your new building.