4 Ways to Choose the Right Lights for Your Outdoor Event

An outdoor event will never be successful if it lacks proper lightning. Lighting can set the mood of your event and promote safety and security of all your guests. In order to choose the right outdoor lights, you must analyze your event needs and understand your options.  Ask yourself the following questions before you buy or rent light for your outdoor event.

Where do I need to install the lights?

Since your event is outdoor, decide where exactly you need the lights installed. Do you need to light the whole venue or just the area where the buffet table is positioned? If you want to prioritize safety, it is best that moderate lights be installed in the pathways. Well-lighted pathways and traffic areas  can keep people from tripping. As for the bright lights, you can have them installed in the main area or the stage of your event.

Are electrical outlets available in my outdoor venue?

Create  a sketch of your venue and mark where the electrical outlets can be found. Obviously, your outdoor lights won’t work if they aren’t plug to a stable power source. Power or extension cords can be used if electrical outlets are quite far from the exact spot where your lights should be. Be careful not to overload them though.

How much light do I need?

Do you need dozens of lights to make the venue very bright? An evening event will definitely require more lights than a morning event. If you aren’t sure how much light you’ll need, it is best to hire more lights than to hire just enough lights. You will never know when you’re going to need extra lights.

What mood do you need to achieve for your event?

Lights come in different colors and brightness level. In fact, they also come in different shape s and sizes. Select lights that can create the appropriate mood for your event. Consult a designer if you’re in doubt of your light choices.

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