Know the Best Way to Deal with Being Overdressed

Let’s start with  a scenario.

You’re  a new hire. You’ve been in the company for barely two. Then, you’re instructed to attend a company event. Because you don’t want your co-workers to think that you didn’t care about the event, you arrived in a black dress and heels and only to notice that every one else is his  or her denims, tees, hoodies and runners.

Being overdressed cannot definitely bring an awkward and uncomfortable feeling. And it can keep you from enjoying the event or party especially when all eyes are on you. But, what are you going to do to ease the awkwardness?


First of all. take a deep breath and accept that you dressed and you look differently from others. Then, have a change of mind and attitude. Don’t let the feeling of awkwardness overrun you!

The label “overdressed” is often just a state of mind. You must be comfortable about the way you dress as long as it is not offensive to the people around you. Dressing well is a good trait because it gives the impression that you don’t take important invites lightly and that you value how you would look like in front of many people.  If you cannot bring yourself to be comfortable about looking overdressed, here are some things you can do before attending an event.

#1 Ask whether there is a dress code. Dress codes will give you an idea about the right clothes to wear. Some events don’t announce dress codes though. If you have friends or co-workers who will be attending a similar event, ask what they’d wear so you can at least gauge what attire will make you look overdressed.

#2 Do some research. Is this an annual company that you’d be attending? Check event photos and videos from last year if you’re shy to ask your team leader what exactly to wear. These will show you the attire of your last year’s attendees.

#3 Dress safely. This means wear something flexible. Choose an attire that is acceptable for formal, semi-formal or casual gatherings. For example, a pair of dress shirt and dress pants would be better than wearing a suit.