Six Ways to Get Corporate Sponsorship

Are you new to corporate sponsorship? Corporate sponsorship is popular these days because it is a reliable means to earn money specifically if it is accomplished the right way. Newbies in the industry might find it hard to succeed in their first project. Hence, waste of effort, money and time can be expected. All these can be prevented from happening again in your succeeding projects. How? Observe these tips.

Identify your audience. Refrain from sending blind proposals. You must know right away the people to whom you’ll ask for sponsorship. In connection to this, you must aim at gathering a lot of people from a specific group to your event. For example, invite professionals who could be the target market of the product or services sold by your sponsors.

Create sponsorship levels. Each level must be distinct from each other especially in terms of benefits. This strategy can entice previous sponsors to move a level up each time they take part of your new events.

Contact a lot of people. Call all potential sponsors you know. Promote your event as a wonderful opportunity to market their brand. Your spiel should  vary depending on the size of the company that you’re speaking with.


Follow-up. All your potential clients may not respond positively during your first phone conversation. Don’t be shy to call for the second or third time. Most sponsorship deals are acquired through follow-ups.

Build a good relationship with your sponsors. What are you going to do once your sponsors have given the money you need? Don’t just drop them. Show them that you value their support. Send ‘Thank you!” notes and greeting cards whenever possible.  Be willing to help them in return as long as it won’t destroy your reputation.

Give your sponsors overflowing publicity. By sponsoring your event, sponsors expect that you will help market their products or services. Announce their brands again and again in the entirety of your event. Promote their brands on regular occasions.