Things to Do When Invited to a Dinner

It is not everyday that you can be invited to a dinner by someone you just me or you’re close with. Thus, you must make the effort to make it enjoyable and memorable to you and the  host of the dinner. Here are some things you should not forget to practice when attending dinners.

1) Never be late. Some people refrain from arriving on time to dinners because they don’t want to appear overly excited about the food. Needless to say, it is not polite to arrive late. Most hosts serve food hot and on time. If you arrive late, the served food will turn cold. Moreover, there could be a delay with the meals and this is somewhat annoying to other guests.


2) Dress appropriately and  be well-groomed. Is there a dress code? Know the preferred guest attire of the host. Don’t arrive in shorts and flip flops if it is a black tie dinner. Don’t forget to take a bath and groom yourself before dressing up.

3) Don’t come empty-handed. As much as possible bring an appropriate gift for the host. If you’re not sure about the host’s preferences, it is always safe to bring pastries or home decors.

4) Avoid leftovers on your plate. Eat only what you can handle. Dinner hosts may not say it up front, but they do feel bad when a lot of food are wasted by the guests. They spend money and time to offer these. So, be polite to eat only what your appetite can take.

5) Talk courteously. Guests usually make conversations  over dinner. Join the conversation especially when you’re asked questions by the host or by one of the guests. Express your thoughts politely. Forgo expressing your opinions on hot topics like politics and religion. You might end up having an enemy by the end of the dinner if you do so.

6) Thank the host. Before leaving, extend your hand and thank the host for the dinner whether you enjoyed it or not. Say only the best words to the host.