How to Keep Guests from Leaving Your Party

The success of any party is not gauged by the number of guests who attended but by the number of guests who enjoyed the party from start to finish. To keep guests from leaving your party, you must learn the art of being a good party host and the art of entertaining guests. Read the following tips that can help you get started with both.

Party Hosting
Being a good party host is all about getting the preparation right before the guests come. Here are some points you need to consider in mastering the art of party hosting.

1) Choose the people to invite. Any party can turn into a mess if the guests don’t go along well with each other. You might want to skip inviting friends who are rivalries to avoid possible fights during the party.

2) Make sure that you have enough food to offer. You need not prepare a buffet. Different kinds of finger food and junk food may be served for any kind of party. Besides the fact they are easy to prepare, most people enjoy them. Pizzas and chips are favorites among the young and the old.


3) Don’t forget the drinks. Stock colas in cans or large-sized bottles in your fridge. Make sure that you have enough ice too. If you’re planning to serve alcoholic drinks, think in advance about its consequences. Are all of your guests capable of controlling themselves when drunk? How are you going to limit your guests’ alcohol consumption?

4) Keep your houses spic and span. Check every nook and cranny of your house. Guests will notice if you haven’t cleaned up and this will create a bad impression on you.

Entertaining Guests

Guests are entertained in different ways. In order to know the best kind of entertainment your guests will enjoy, study their personalities in general and take note of the activities they enjoy doing together. This should be easy especially if they are all your friends.

1) Choose a different spot in your house for entertaining your guests. Ideally, choose the biggest area in your house so that everybody will have enough room to move.

2) Play some music. A good set of tracks can get your guests in the right mood. Stay away extreme music genres that only few people to appreciate. Hire a disc jockey if there’s going  to be dancing. Just be sure that you have a budget.

3) Provide party games. Games can make the guests talk to each other and enjoy each other’s company. Prepare games that can be played one to one or by group. Be careful not to include games that can give rise to abuses or rifts.