Five Top Tips for Attending High Profile Parties

High profile parties are usually conducted in the evening. They are hosted by nobilities or members of the upper class in certain places for many reasons. To the nobilities, these parties are their means of communicating to the public a special announcement or enriching relations with foreign government officials. To the rich and big time entrepreneurs, these parties enable them to widen their networks and engage in more business opportunities.

Have you been invited to attend a high profile party? Are you thinking of not attending because you might get into embarrassing situations while in the party? Here are five tips that can help you enjoy the party without caring much about making mistakes.

1) Respond to the invitation immediately. Read the details in the invitation card before you reply.  Check the date of the party against your schedule. Inform the contact person on the card whether you can or cannot come. If you cannot make it to the party, don’t forget to thank the party host for inviting you. Try your best to reply to the invitation on or before the deadline.

RSVP card

2) Dress appropriately. Take note of the outfit requirement stated in the invitation card. If you are unsure about what to wear in a black tie or white tie event, go online and search for the types of clothes, accessories and shoes that are acceptable in such functions.

3) Arrive just in time. It is an unwritten rule to never be late in parties or any event for that matter.  It is different though when it comes to high  profile parties. Arriving 15 minutes later than the time on the card is customary in such parties. If you are uncomfortable about arriving that late, try to arrive just in time.

4) Practice courtesy. Greet and thank the host of the party as soon as you arrive in the party. Before sitting on your table, go to the washroom to freshen up or retouch your make-up. Don’t spend all of your time eating or drinking. Move around and exchange conversations with other guests. Pay attention to the program or listen to the live band if there’s any.

5) Leave a good impression. This is quite challenging but this is doable. Apart from arriving in proper attire, you must observe proper decorum when conversing with the hosts and other guests. Use clean language and expressions. Introduce yourself and provide a little background about what you do before sharing your thoughts and opinions during small talks. Don’t forget to say goodbye to the party host and other guests when you leave.