All You Need to Know About Graduation Party Planning

Now is the time to reward all your child’s hard work and achievements in school. Whether she just finished kindergarten, she deserves a graduation party to share with her family and friends. Planning a graduation party is not different  from planning a regular one. However, there are many ways by which you can make it extra special for your child. Here are some tips that can help you get started with the preparations.

Create a guest list – It is easy to create a guest list if your child is a kindergartner. You can decide  on your own who among her classmates to invite. If your child is older, you will need to ask her permission for the invitations. In the case of a surprise party, you will need the help of her closest classmates and friends to complete your guest list.


Decide on the food –  Finger foods  are a sure hit in graduation parties. Prepare pizza wheels, bean cakes, pork belly sliders, sweet potato bites, chicken nuggets, chips, waffles and drinks. You’re good to go with these.  If you’re budget poor and time poor, you may ask your guests for small cover fee or a potluck style party. This could be embarrassing at some point though.

Find the right decorations –  Party decorations and party favors are not hard to find. However, choosing the best among them could be challenging especially if you’re not sure about the celebrant’s preferences. Is your child loyal to her alma mater? If yes, use her alma mater’s colors to be her party theme. This is what most college graduates like. If your child is a kindergartner, you can make her favorite cartoon character the central theme of the party.

Create  a program –  A small presentation with lots of games will be enjoyable for all the guests. If your child and her guests are kindergartners, make sure that all of them can join.  Make sure to hand everybody your party giveaways.