The Basics of Throwing a Bridal Shower

Are you chosen by a friend or family member to be a bridesmaid for her upcoming wedding? Rejoice although this may come with a lot of responsibilities. It is not everyday that such an opportunity comes. Just gather all your skills together and put your heart and mind on planning the perfect bridal shower. Don’t worry if you’re not an expert on this. It is easy to prepare if you know the basics.

Set the perfect date – A bridal shower will not be successful without guests. Research about the closest friends and relatives of the soon-to-be bride. Know what they do and how their daily schedules are like. Put up a survey for the best time and date of  the bridal shower. Provide three options. Pick the date when almost all of the guests will be able to attend. Set the date in advance and provide allowance for guests who may be coming from very distant locations. Consider also those who may need to apply for  a leave from in order to attend the party.

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