Tips On Attending Weddings And Debuts Expo

I am a fan of attending weddings and debuts expo. It is one of the ways to check the suppliers and companies that offer their services to make your special day a memorable one.

Look Online And Make A List

There are a lot of online information on events of this kind. Make a list and check if you are free on those dates. List the goals that you want to accomplish out of attending those events.

For example, if you want to look for a caterer, then focus on speaking with companies that offer catering services, participate in food tasting and make mental and physical notes on the ones that stood out. Then you can cross out that goal as soon as you complete that and move on to the next till you covered everything that you need.

Get And Organize The Supplier’s Contact Details

Most of the suppliers have business cards, all you need to do is to prepare a booklet that keeps them organized, so you can slip those as you go. This will help you select the top ones to keep and contact. You can even share your booklet to others who might need to get in touch with these suppliers and help them organize their own events.

Prepare What’s Needed For Specific Suppliers

It is best to prepare your face and hair especially if you will be looking for suppliers to prepare your hair and make up for the occasion. You can bring your own brushes if you want and cleaning wipes as well since you will be needing these in between trial sessions. Use your smart phones and cameras as well to take pictures after each trial so you can choose the supplier that you want as soon as you get home and review the shots.


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