Smart Tips When Planning For A Family Gathering

Invite guests early, and impose RSVP.

Invite your guests at least two weeks in advance. Encourage your invitees to confirm whether or not they’re attending. Write RSVP and your number on the invitation.
Having a guest list and a confirmation on their attendance will help you predetermine all the other stuff, such as the amount of food and drinks you need to order, the number of seats you need, the type of entertainment you’ll provide, the date and time of the party, etcetera, etcetera. It’s one of the most important party planning tips.

Serve great food and a bounty of drinks.

Even if Katy Perry or Bruno Mars don’t agree to attend your birthday party, having great food and a bounty of drinks almost assures you that your party is at least 80 per cent successful. In most gatherings, guests tend to remember how good or disappointing the food is. If they love the food, they’ll flood you with incantations and ask who cooked it or where you ordered it from. You’ll know your guests love what you’ve served if you have to keep refilling the platters every 15 minutes or so. Keep your guests stuffed, and they’re happy. Make them happy, and your party’s a success.

Consider your floor area.

Do you really have enough space in your studio apartment to accommodate 50 people? Do you have enough chairs or standing room at least? You have to consider whether or not all of your guests will fit comfortably in your house. Otherwise, you give them the prerogative to leave the moment they realize that there’s just no way they can force their way into that mob. If you don’t have enough space, better not have the party at home. Rent out  a venue or hold it at someone else’s place instead.


Party Planning Tips For House Gatherings

I’d like to share a few party planning tips with you, whether you intend to celebrate your child’s birthday, have a house warming, or a bridal shower at home. These are just a few guidelines you can follow to make sure that you and your guests will have a blast on the day of the celebration.

1. Plan in advance.

You should give yourself enough time to plan for the party regardless of the number of guests and the grandeur of the occasion. Remember that having a party concerns not only you. Your goal is to please your guests, and you do not want to disappoint them because you did not exert the littlest time and effort to plot out what you need to do and how you’ll get them done.

If it’s a pretty big party at home you’re having, with at least 50 guests, I suggest that you plan at least two to three months in advance. Give yourself more time, at least six months perhaps, if it’s going to be a really important event like a Christening, since you’ll probably want to have souvenirs made and make sure that the caterer’s available on the day of your booking.

2. Make a guest list.

A very crucial part of planning your party is writing down and counting the names of your guests. It is only when you know exactly whom you want to invite that you can send out the word about the glorious event that’ll take place.

Tips On Attending Weddings And Debuts Expo

I am a fan of attending weddings and debuts expo. It is one of the ways to check the suppliers and companies that offer their services to make your special day a memorable one.

Look Online And Make A List

There are a lot of online information on events of this kind. Make a list and check if you are free on those dates. List the goals that you want to accomplish out of attending those events.

For example, if you want to look for a caterer, then focus on speaking with companies that offer catering services, participate in food tasting and make mental and physical notes on the ones that stood out. Then you can cross out that goal as soon as you complete that and move on to the next till you covered everything that you need.

Get And Organize The Supplier’s Contact Details

Most of the suppliers have business cards, all you need to do is to prepare a booklet that keeps them organized, so you can slip those as you go. This will help you select the top ones to keep and contact. You can even share your booklet to others who might need to get in touch with these suppliers and help them organize their own events.

Prepare What’s Needed For Specific Suppliers

It is best to prepare your face and hair especially if you will be looking for suppliers to prepare your hair and make up for the occasion. You can bring your own brushes if you want and cleaning wipes as well since you will be needing these in between trial sessions. Use your smart phones and cameras as well to take pictures after each trial so you can choose the supplier that you want as soon as you get home and review the shots.

A Beauty Item For Every Beauty Emergency

As a woman, there will be times that you’ll realize that you could have looked so much better if only you had used a certain beauty item. That’s what’s called a beauty emergency.  Not to sound vain or anything, but looking good is important to us women and we always try to look our best. So it’s best to keep ourselves prepared especially when we are preparing for big events.

While some of us have almost perfect facial features and don’t need to work too much on looking great, the rest of us need a little help. This is why beauty products were invented. Face creams and make up help us in trying to make ourselves look our most stunning yet. Different make up products have different purposes, designed to conceal, highlight or enhance our best and worst features. It is the foundation and concealer’s job to hide our imperfections. Other kinds of make up perform the “highlight and enhance” part. Here are some of them.

Eyeko Magic Bronzer Brush Rio

Eyeko Magic Bronzer Brush Rio (Photo credit: susy ♥)

Bronzer or cheek tint

Even if vampire flicks are in nowadays, you don’t want to end up looking like a bloodless vampire, or a pale ghost. Hence you have to add a tinge of colour to your cheeks.

Bronzer or cheek tint? It actually depends on the look you want to achieve. If you want a warm, sun kissed glow, bronzer is the cosmetic item for you. If you want rosy looking cheeks and a flushed look, opt for cheek tint. Just make sure not to overdo it. You want sun kissed, not sunburnt; rosy, but not bloody.

Woman applying cosmetics to her lips.

Woman applying cosmetics to her lips. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Lip gloss and lipstick

Remember how princesses are described in fairy tales? Don’t they always mention that the cheeks of the princess are red? Yes, dear ladies, having attractive lips is important. And what better way to enhance, or even modify, the shape of your lips than by applying lip stick or lip gloss? For sunny outdoor affairs or for entertaining guests at home, lip gloss may be sufficient. For dressier or social affairs, opt for lipstick Choose a colour than complements your skin tone, the rest of your face make up, and even your outfit.  Going for cocktails at night? Be brave and put on red or hot pink lipstick, and go all out with that sexy pout. Having lunch at the country club in your khakis and tank top with a shawl over your shoulder? Opt for a medium shade. The shades are endless, and it’s up to you to choose.

Eye makeup of a woman. Polski: Makijaż kobiece...

Eye makeup of a woman. Polski: Makijaż kobiecego oka (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Eye liner

Ever heard of the saying, “The eyes are the windows to the soul?” It’s quite true actually, because when you meet a person for the first time, it’s actually that person’s eyes that you’re drawn to look at. Unfortunately, the eyes are often neglected when applying make up to one’s face. People don’t forget to put on lip stick or gloss, or to powder their faces, but they do forget to put on eye liner.

Eye liner is a make up item that you shouldn’t forget to put on. It enhances the shape of your eyes, or makes them bigger, or smaller. And like I said people look at the eyes first, so you might as well mesmerize them with your gaze.

I’m not saying that you need to look like Cleopatra with all that liner on. There are different shades, textures, and forms. There’s pencil, liquid, and more recently, pen. There’s black, brown, blue, white, and more. Choose what’s best for the occasion.